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Warblers! This is an identification page of Eastern Wood Warblers, showing as many different plumages and ages as possible, with explanatory text. Click on the photo at left to access this page.

Shorebirds! This one is under construction and is mostly a bunch of photos of each species at this point, but will also get text eventually. Click on the photo at left to access this page..

Birding Georgia is my guide to the best birding sites in Georgia, published in April 2000. This link takes you to the book's web site, but the book is now long out of print and i'm no longer maintaining this page. It still has some useful info though.

Kennesaw Mountain

Kennesaw Mountain is a local hotspot for migrant passerines and is the subject of an annotated checklist (see below). Bob Zaremba maintains an impressive database of the last thirteen years of observations at the mountain, including updates during each migration season. Click on the photo to access his KMT database.

Birds of Kennesaw Mountain is an annotated checklist covering twelve year's worth of almost daily migration walks at Kennesaw Mountain. It is available from GOS at
(click to view order form) and was published in Oct 2004. Click on the cover at left to go to an updates page that has data on some significant new findings since the book was published.

The Georgia Ornithological Society has a great web site which has links to almost anything of interest to Georgia birders.  Click here to access the GOS home page.


Georgia Birders Online (GABO-L) is a forum for the exchange of information related to Georgia birds, birders, and birding and is open to all interested individuals. Click here to view the GABO-L archives or to join the list.

The home page for the Atlanta Audubon Society, which has lots of great local information and links.

Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe

Click on the photo to access photographs and trip reports from across North America and beyond.

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