Cruisers (Macromiidae)
Stream Cruiser (Didymops transversa)

Common in streams across state, but early in year only. Note very brown color and club. Usually patrol fast down one side or the other of streams and rivers. Males on top row, older adult has pale green eyes (right). Female middle right. Thoracic stripe is usually cream colored but rarely yellow as at middle left.

10 Mar- 12 Jun

Florida Cruiser (Didymops floridensis)

No records from GA, but found in se AL and n FL and could be found in sw corner of the state. Similar to above species, but found at sandy ponds and not only larger but grayer in color. These shots are from Blue Spring WMA in se AL.

Note: The following four species of river cruisers are extremely similar, and can be identified in the hand with certainty in Georgia. According to Dragonflies through Binoculars, "In the southern Appalachian area, the Illinois, Allegheny, and Mountain River Cruisers are too alike to tell apart." However, males at least can be fairly reliably separated by checking the yellow ring on abdominal segment 2, checking if lateral and ventral yellow marks meet on segment 3, or noting the amount of yellow on segment 7.

Allegheny River Cruiser (Macromia alleghaniensis)

Most do not have the forward yellow shoulder bar by head as seen in middle left. Yellow mark on segment 7 wraps around entire segment. GA has about 5 county records now, these shots are from AL and TN.

10 Jun- 22 Aug

Georgia River Cruiser (Macromia illinoiensis georgina)

This is the southern form of the Illinois River Cruiser, and is the form which occurs in most of Georgia. It is once again called Georgia River Cruiser. Illinois River Cruiser may occur in extreme north GA. Upper four plus closeup are males, others females. Note brown in outer half of wing at middle left, and also how narrow the abdomen looks, this narrow appearance is not typical. In the closeup at middle right, note on segment 3 that the lateral mark meets the ventral mark, this only happens in this species.

11 May- 19 Oct

Illinois River Cruiser (Macromia illinoiensis illinoiensis)

This is the northern form of the Illinois River Cruiser, and occurs rarely in extreme north GA but needs further study. Note lack of shoulder stripe, few abdominal markings and spot on segment 7 does not wrap all around like it does on Allegheny.

8 Jun- 30 Sep

  Mountain River Cruiser (Macromia margarita)

Known only from about 3 counties now. Difficulty of IDing females so far precludes knowing all dates, this one 5/31. This photo by Marion Dobbs.


Royal River Cruiser (Macromia taeniolata)

Found locally throughout Georgia on larger streams and rivers. Longer than above cruisers and does not have a club. Rarely found perched.

10 May- 21 Sep

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