Atomosia puella
Atomosia rufipes
Atoniomyia duncani
Cerotainia macrocera
Lampria rubriventris
Laphria affinis
Laphria aktis
Laphria apila
Laphria canis
Laphria divisor
Laphria fernaldi
Laphria flavicollis
Laphria floridensis
Laphria grossa
Laphria index ithypyga
Laphria macquarti
Laphria sacrator
Laphria saffrana
Laphria sericea
Laphria sicula
Laphria thoracica
Laphria virginica
Laphria winnemana
Laphria sp
Laphystia litoralis
Laphystia ochreifrons
Laphystia tollandi
Orthogonis stygia
Pogonosoma dorsatum
Psilocurus birdi

Ommatius floridensis
Ommatius gemma
Ommatius wilcoxi
Ommatius sp

Asilus sericeus
Eccritosia zamon
Efferia aestuans
Efferia albibarbis
Efferia apicalis
Efferia plena
Efferia pogonias
Efferia rapax
Efferia tabescens
Machimus blantoni
Machimus fattigi
Machimus lecythus
Machimus notatus
Machimus novaescotiae
Machimus paropus
Machimus polyphemi
Machimus sadyates
Machimus virginicus
Mallophora bomboides
Mallophora fautrix
Mallophora orcina
Megaphorus acra
Megaphorus clausicellus
Megaphorus frustra
Megaphorus laphroides
Megaphorus minutus
Megaphorus pallidus
Megaphorus pulcher
Megaphorus willistoni
Neoitamus flavofemoratus
Neoitamus orphne
Neomochtherus piceus
Philonicus fuscatus
Philonicus limpidipennis
Polacantha gracilis
Proctacanthella cacopiliga
Proctacanthella willistoni
Proctacanthus brevipennis
Proctacanthus fulviventris
Proctacanthus heros
Proctacanthus longus
Proctacanthus milbertii
Proctacanthus nearno
Proctacanthus nearno c punctulata chihuahuae
Proctacanthus nigriventris
Proctacanthus rufus
Promachus bastardii
Promachus hinei
Promachus quadratus
Promachus rufipes
Promachus truquii
Triorla interrupta
Efferia sp

Cophura arizonensis
Cophura texana
Diogmites crudelis
Diogmites esuriens
Diogmites misellus
Diogmites neoternatus
Diogmites platyperus
Diogmites properans
Diogmites sallei
Diogmites salutans
Diogmites sp

Heteropogon spatulatus
Ospriocerus aeacus
Ospriocerus minos
Scleropogon subulatus
Scleropogon sp

Eudioctria brevis
Eudioctria n sp
Eudioctria tibialis
Echthodopa formosa
Echthodopa habitat
Nannodioctria seminole

Apachekolos tenuipes
Psilonyx annulatus
Tipulogaster glabrata

Holcocephala abdominalis
Holcocephala calva
Holcocephala fusca

Lasiopogon appalachensis
Lasiopogon schizopygus
Stichopogon abdominalis
Stichopogon trifasciatus
Stichopogon trifasciatus fr salinus
Townsendia arenicola
Townsendia arenicola habitat
Townsendia nigra
Townsendia nigra habitat

Ceraturgus cruciatus
Ceraturgus elizabethae
Ceraturgus elizabethae habitat
Cyrtopogon laphriformis
Cyrtopogon lutatius
Holopogon guttulus
Holopogon oriens
Holopogon phaeonotus
Nicocles engelhardti
Nicocles politus
Atomosia puella
This is very much a work-in-progress, but many North American species are shown here, most from the SE US. Mike Thomas has been instrumental in helping me try to learn this challenging group, and has provided most of the identifications. These pages would not exist without his help... and lots and lots of great days in the field chasing them. Additional help has come from Herschel Raney and Fritz Geller-Grimm, and Steve Krotzer and Dirk Stevenson have also spent lots of time with me in the field trying to find and ID this fascinating group. All comments welcome!

Note- As of June 2009, Torsten Dikow has just published a revision to the Asilidae, check this page for some details. Basically, for GA, Apocleinae has been moved back into Asilinae, Laphystiinae has been placed into Laphriinae, and several genera have been moved into a new subfamily Brachyrhopalinae.

Here are some useful links concerning asilid identification or biology:

Steve Collins has just created a new robber fly ID site based mostly on Florida but full of great information about southeastern and other robber flies, I highly recommend it!

Asilidae Fritz Geller-Grimm's excellent website for all around information and many links

Raney Robbers Herschel Raney's robber site, lots of good info, geared partly to Arkansas, plus an Eastern species key.

This site is being published in March 2020, and many of the pages have been brought over from my old site but are not yet cleaned up from transcription issue... please be patient with me!
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