Manaus, Brazil

I was lucky enough to go on a several day work trip to Manaus, Brazil from 26 June to 1 July 2010. I patrolled the area around my hotel several days, finding a few little patches of habitat, and hired a guide a boat a couple of days as well. In the middle of rainy season, the rivers were very high. My hotel was the Manaus Tropical on the Rio Negro River. Each day's details:
26 June: Meeting of the Waters boat trip to confluence of Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes. Some consider this the beginning of the real Amazon.
27 June: Big Island (photo numbers 6-39), Ariau Tower on Ariau River (44-255)
28 June: Iranduba Lake (8-237), Lake Januauari (252-263), Januauri Island trail (268-316)
29 June: Hotel Tropical grounds

If you mouse over the photo the date and image number will give you the location. Each image is a thumbnail, click on it to see the larger images

Thanks to Dennis Paulson for ID help with birds and odonates, Angelo Pinto and Natalia Von Ellenrieder with odonates, and Terry Irwin and Dan Duran with beetles.

Here are some photos from the trip...

Birds   I saw about 50 species, but only got decent shots of a few... most of these were shot from a moving boat.

Striated Heron (Butorides striatus)

  Hook-billed Kite (Chondrohierax uncinatus)

Roadside Hawk (Buteo magnirostris)

  Wattled Jacana (Jacana jacana)


Large-billed Tern (Phaetusa simplex)

  Squirrel Cuckoo (Piaya cayana)

Tropical Screech-Owl (Otus choliba)

Nacunda Nighthawk (Podager nacunda)

  Crimson-crested Woodpecker (Campephilus melanoleucos)

  Straight-billed Woodcreeper (Xiphorynchus picus)

Not sure of the ID on this one...

  Yellow-rumped Cacique (Cacicus cela)

Odonates    Many of these will go unidentified because I could not collect them...

Phoenicagrion sp.

  Telebasis sp.?

  Ischnura fluviatilis

  Gynacantha sp.

Neuraeschna sp.

Two shots of the same individual.


Triacanthagyna sp.

Very small, for this genus.

Tawny Pennant (Brachymesia herbida)

  Blue-eyed Setwing (Dythemis multiplicata)

  Black Pondhawk (Erthemis attala)

Flame-tailed Pondhawk (Erythemis peruviana)

Great Pondhawk (Erythemis vesiculosa)

  Red-faced Dragonlet (Erythrodiplax fusca)

  Unknown dragonlet


Perithemis lais

  Common Woodskimmer (Uracis imbuta)

Beetles    I collected the tigers, and tried for the Colliuris but missed it.

Odontocheila confusa     Maybe.

  Specimen of above beetle


Pentacomia sp.

  Specimen of above beetle


Another Pentacomia sp.

  Colliuris sp.


Pink Dolphin (Inia geoffrensis)

Pink Dolphin web site: click here

Squirrel Monkey (Saimiri sciureus)

Even if you aren't carrying food they will hop on your shoulders at resorts looking for some...

Misc Arthropods

  Unknown jumping spider

  Unknown grasshopper

  Unknown Coreid

  Unknown leafhopper

  Unknown hopper, possibly a sharpshooter

Unknown butterflies

  Unknown mosquito

  Eccritosia sp robber fly

The actual "Meeting of the Rivers"

  Rio Negro on the left, Rio Solimoes on the right





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