Damselfly and dragonfly larvae (Odonata)

Note: These shots were taken in a variety of tanks or tubs, with a huge amount of help from Steve and Mary Jane Krotzer and John Jensen both in obtaining specimens and setting up the photo shoots. Thanks also to Steve for the determinations!

Damselflies: Zygoptera

Spreadwings- Lestidae

Lestes sp.

Pond Damsels- Coenagrionidae

Variable Dancer- Argia fumipennis

Turquoise Bluet- Enallagma divagans

Bluet sp.- Enallagma sp.

  Bluet sp.- Enallagma sp.

Dragonflies: Anisoptera

Darners- Aeshnidae

Common Green or Comet Darners-  Anax sp.

  Fawn Darner- Boyeria vinosa

Cyrano Darner- Nasiaeschna pentacantha

Clubtails- Gomphidae

Southeastern Spinyleg- Dromogomphus armatus

Clearlake Clubtail- Gomphus australis

Lancet Clubtail- Gomphus exilis

Twin-striped Clubtail- Gomphus (Hylogomphus) geminatus

Note in lower right photo the labium is partially extended.

Dragonhunter- Hagenius brevistylus

Snaketail sp.- Ophiogomphus sp.

  Common Sanddragon.- Progomphus obscurus

Spiketails- Cordulegastridae

Tiger Spiketail- Cordulegaster erronea

Arrowhead Spiketail- Cordulegaster obliqua

Cruisers- Macromiidae

Macromia sp.

Emeralds- Cordulidae

Stripe-winged Baskettail- Epitheca costalis

Common Baskettail- Epitheca cynosura

Skimmers- Libellulidae

  Eastern Pondhawk- Erythemis simplicicollis

Blue Corporal- Ladona deplanata

  Blue Dasher- Pachydiplax longipennis

Tramea sp.






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