Giff Beaton's Robber Flies (Asilidae) of Georgia and the southeast

This is very much a work-in-progress, but click on any of the subfamily photos below to see in the field photos of Robber Flies. Most are identified by specimen, but many are not. Mike Thomas has been instrumental in helping me try to learn this challenging group, and has provided most of the identifications. These pages would not exist without his help... Additional help has come from Herschel Raney and Fritz Geller-Grimm. All comments welcome!

Note- As of June 2009, Torsten Dikow has just published a revision to the Asilidae, check this page for some details. Basically, for GA, Apocleinae has been moved back into Asilinae, Laphystiinae has been placed into Laphriinae, and several genera have been moved into a new subfamily Brachyrhopalinae.

Subfamilies of Asilidae










  Species from other areas (planned)

Georgia Checklist   Click here for a checklist of Georgia asilids

Here are some useful links concerning asilid identification or biology:
Asilidae Fritz Geller-Grimm's excellent website for all around information and many links
Raney Robbers Herschel Raney's robber site, lots of good info, geared partly to Arkansas, plus an Eastern species key.
Laphriini Steve Bullington's Laphriini pages with a partial key
Robber Flies of Florida A general site about Florida, no id information
Arkansas Robbers Some photos of Arkansas robbers, no data

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