Note: In GA, 5 genera and about 13 species.

  Apachekolos tenuipes

Note spider prey.

8 Sep 2006, Turkey Creek at GA 230, Dooly Co, GA

  Apachekolos tenuipes

16 Sep 2007, Otting Tract WMA, Chattooga Co, GA

Psilonyx annulatus

3 Aug 2006, Toccoa River below Blue Ridge Lake Dam, Fannin Co, GA

Tipulogaster glabrata

26 Jun 2004, Skinner State Park, Hampshire Co, MA.

This is a species that occurs in GA, and a variety of perched and preening poses are shown. The similarity between this robber fly and a small wasp also present was striking, down to the fly flying around with rear legs dangling. Sized much like a damselfly, the feeding behavior was also like a damselfly, with hovering and slow flight around heavy vegetation. Note the last individual at bottom left seems unbanded on the abdomen but same species.



















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