The photos on this page were shot during a period of low ceilings at Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson Airport. I was able to get a number of images of aircraft just breaking out with visible low pressure areas over the wings and visible wingtip vortices.

Someday I will add photos to this page as I have a chance to edit the rest of them for size...

All of the photos below are thumbnails, so click on the thumbnail to see the larger version. All are cropped to some degree and downsized to make downloading faster.

McDonnell-Douglas MD-88

Takeoff roll

Breakout to flare

Boeing 757

This first sequence follows a 75 from breakout to touchdown...

Different ones...

Boeing 767

767 breaking out above a 757 in position

Three new ones from March 2015. great shooting spot just off I-85 for eastbound arrivals...

Boeing 757

both MD 90


All of these images are digitally watermarked, and their presence on this page in no way implies consent for their use in any way without permission. All images copyright 2015 by Giff Beaton

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